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Donate to ZiN

ZVONA i NARI are grateful for every donation you can offer since the funding we receive is hardly enough to cover the basic expanses for the regular maintenance of the project. All our work is volunteered.

Important: When making a donation for the magazine please write: "Donation for ZiN Daily magazine".

You can also make donations in material and tools: we are always in need of new book shelves, as we could always make a good use of new kitchen appliances, cleaning tools, painting for the walls, a lawnmower, gardening tools and everything a big household with a big garden might need.

If you cannot support us financially, you can always donate time and work with us: check the volunteering page.

Thank you for your good will!

ZVONA i NARI, Udruga za proizvodnju kulture, Ližnjan
Vrčevan 32, 52204 Ližnjan, Istria, Croatia + 385 (0)99 232 7926
MB: 2701278; OIB: 73342230946
Registarski broj iz Registra udruga RH: 18002203
RNO: 0236682


Acc. No.

IBAN: HR10 2484 0081 1056 6708 5 
Raiffeisenbank Austria
Pertinjska 59 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska/Croatia

ZVONA i NARI is supported by:

The Municipality

of Ližnjan

The City 

of Pula

The Region 

of Istria

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

Kultura Nova


We also received support from:

The Tourist Community

of Ližnjan

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