ZiN writer-in-residence for May of 2017 is Donna Glee Williams. It is with pleasure that we present her poetry and parts of the journal she wrote in Ližnjan. 

Donna Glee Williams is the author of two second-world fantasy novels, The Braided Path (Edge, 2014) and Dreamers, (Edge, 2016). As a short-story writer, she’s made something of a specialty of winning Honorable Mentions: three from the Writers of the Future contest, one from anthologist Gardner Dozois’s The Year's Best Science Fiction: Twent...


It is always a treat when authentic poetic passion gets expressed by language in which the sensual and semantic vacillate to create unique emotional tension. Bill Mohr's poetry is work of sophistication, refinement and precision employed in the unraveling of the quotidian and sifting out that well hidden grain of infinite and eternal.  

Bill Mohr’s collections of poetry include Hidden Proofs (1982), Bittersweet Kaleidoscope (2006), and a bilingual selection of poems from both of those books, Prue...


„Previše je intenzivan svijet oko nas da se o njemu ne bi pisalo, a čovjek je komadić u tom mozaiku, koji doduše, ima moć da poveže sve ostale“, kaže Mirko Božić, mostarski pjesnik s kojim smo razmijenili par riječi o Mostaru kakvim ga se neki od članova redakcija sjećaju iz kasnih 80-h. „Da, kasnih osamdesetih Mostar je bio dosta zanimljiv grad, a vjerujem da je i danas, samo što se ne obnavlja onako brzo kako bismo željeli,“ svjedoči Mirko kojemu će dogodine biti objavljena knjiga u SAD-u, a trenut...


It just so happened that in its first weeks, ZiN Daily has tackled a number of translations from Croatian to English. In all instances we were dealing with poetry, though by distinctly different authors of distinctly different poetics. One thing they  have in common: an awareness of what can be clumsily termed as “the size of the language” and a certain reluctance towards translation (if not even outright defiance towards it).

First was the case of Simo Mraović, a jovial, witty poet who used simple, e...


Lo Schiavone – Versi italici d‘un poeta croato is a verse narrative that we are bringing to you in its original Italian, with parts selected from a manuscript currently being prepared for publication. The peculiarity of The Slav lies in the fact that it was written by a Croatian author, Daniel Načinović whose home is the bilingual and multicultural region of Istra, a region whose identity has, throughout history, been shaped under influences and political tensions between different languages and cult...


When a writer writes “A Manifesto that will never be translated into English”, or more precisely, “Manifest koji nikad neće biti preveden na Engleski”, the ZiN Daily editors can’t resist corrupting that nikad/never and doing what is unexpected.

We took Neva’s title as a challenge, translated her poem dedicated to Aldous Huxley, and sent her a message: “Look, it’s not never anymore!” Neva was glad that never didn’t stay never. “Baš mi je drago, doista me veseli prijevod”, she wrote.” “Ironično”, Neva s...


The poetry of Davor Šalat is part philosophy, part geography – a symbolic representation of land, a map of a desert region in which the simplest ideas, terms, words, letters of the alphabet shift from one end of the meaning to another. In that process, the meaning gets expanded in almost the same way that deserts of the world expand: slowly, stubbornly, irrevocably. 
Davor Šalat, poet, literary critic, and translator of Spanish literature was born 1968 in Dubrovnik. Author of a dozen books of po...

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