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ZiN Daily, Day One

We’re so happy to announce the arrival of ZiN Daily!

Every year, many visitors enter the gates of Zvona i Nari here in Istria and change each other’s lives, including our own, in no small way. And every year, we wonder how to keep these artists and scholars in touch with each other. So began the idea for a virtual ZiN, a living document that has a dynamic relationship with life at the residency, and that extends our reach just a little bit further.

ZiN Daily is specifically looking for work that illuminates underexplored connections between different segments of culture, and that invites collaboration that is bold, wild, and playful. Our extensive library contains rare work in Bosnian, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Montenegrin, and Serbian, so it only makes sense that we accept submissions in these languages, including translations.

We would like you to remain part of our border-crossing experiments. Please take a look at the submission guidelines, and let us know how you’d like to be part of ZiN Daily. At this very moment, one of us is in front of the computer translating a Croatian poet’s work into English for the very first time.

Let us together create more evidence that literature happens every day.

Yours Daily,

ZiN Editors

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