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ZiN Residency: Application Process for 2018 Closed

Dear applicants for ZVONA i NARI residency,

thank you for showing interest in visiting us here in Ližnjan. We are honored and happy that so many of you express a desire to stay at ZVONA i NARI. We want to inform you that due to the overwhelming number of applications we're receiving and a limited number of accommodation units we can offer, we have closed the application process for 2017 and 2018.

Nevertheless, you're very welcome to apply for residency in the year of 2019.

If you are interested in visiting us in 2019, please

send us your application in the period between March 31st and May 30th of 2018.

Fill out the online application form following this link - bottom of the "Residency" page.

After we consider all applications, we will be able to decide to which candidates we can offer a stay in 2019. Write to us, we are very eager to find out about your work and your motivation to come to ZVONA i NARI. Thank you.


Natalija Grgorinić and Ognjen Rađen



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