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ZiN Daily: Monthly Digest September 2017

This September might have been stormy, but, remember, the weather can't be bad all over the world at the same time: at certain places it may be bad, but at other places it's simply... not newsworthy. The abrupt end of this summer could mean that we had it good for a bit too long. Maybe next year you'll ease into autumn like into a a pair of comfortable worn-out slippers. You've been barefooted for good three months, don't be greedy, what more could you hope for, your shoes now demand your attention, October demands your attention, return to September in case of a flu:


Kameleon: Branimir Dropuljić

Meditation in My Dining Room: Ian Haight

Directional Denotations: Yuan Changming

Water Worship: Jacob Hammer

Taloženje sirena: Patrik Sečen

Southern Lady: Kendall Hoeft

Koprive i žalci: Gabrijel Barišić


Roki Balboa je bio moj drug: Vukašin Štreker

Iskrena ljubavna priča: Tihana Tica

Sweet Memories of Takarazuka: Renée Cohen

Poruka iz groba: Goran Klepac

Sestrica s jezera: kritički osvrt

Kratka poduka iz skijanja: Damir D. Ocvirk

Izmišljaj: Vera Vujović

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