• K. Eltinaé

Once a Year at Sunset: K. Eltinaé

Two poems you are about to read were written by K. Eltinaé, a Sudanese poet of Nubian descent and present, as author explains, parts from a semi completed manuscript of poems K. Eltinaé is currently working on titled 'Tirhal' :

"I began writing these poems to address my love-hate relationship with my African heritage. Having grown up as a third culture kid, I wanted to address issues that were both universal and specific to my Nubian heritage and Sudanese Identity. Bloom is an existentialist poem about one's purpose in life and Talisman is about the haunting after-effects of superstitions."

K. Eltinaé is a Sudanese poet of Nubian descent, his work has appeared in Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly, New Contrast, Algebra of Owls, NILVX, Illya's Honey, Ink in Thirds, Elsewhere Literary Journal, Peeking Cat Magazine,The Ofi Press, The Elephants, Poetic Diversity, Chanterelle’s Notebook, and Poetry Pages: A Collection of Voices from Around the World Volume IV. He is the editor of "21" a Poetry Magazine. He currently resides in Granada, Spain.


It began with trees we gave names to, etched with so many things that lived and fought to fill a space in that tomb we call a heart.

I cry white and blue, question if I’m here to father more lives before I am ready to age in one place.

The wind scatters my tears, laughs like a djinn in the fields when they bloom.


When glass shattered we were told something evil had passed by and not through us. So we swept up the mess believed ourselves to be lucky until what followed for years.



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