• D. A. Hosek

Artifacts: D.A. Hosek

A very short fiction on the repertoire of ZiN Daily today: lyrical, emotional, touching.

D. A. Hosek’s writing has appeared in Valparaiso Fiction Review, Masque & Spectacle, Westerly, Meniscus, The Southampton Review and elsewhere. His story, “Our Lady of the Freeway” won the 2016 Headlands Prize. He earned an MFA in fiction from the University of Tampa. He lives and writes in Oak Park, IL and spends his days as an insignificant cog in the machinery of corporate America.


In the high branches of a tree are the remnants of a kite. Behind the garage is a bicycle with a rusted chain. Under the porch is a toy fire truck, the red plastic faded white where the sun strikes it through the slats. Next to the microwave is a dust-covered plastic glass with a picture of a cartoon mouse. On the davenport is a grieving mother.

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