• Tibor Weiner Sennyey

About the Immortaility of the Soul: Tibor Weiner Sennyey

For the last day of this 2019th year a poem by Tibor Weiner Sennyey. From Hungarian into English translated by Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay.


Because, what has been received once

what was carried at all times,

what is his once and for all,

What defines everything,

what carries you to the ultimate frontier,

what makes a human being a human being

cannot be lost in solitude,

and cannot disappear in death,

that something cannot be nothing.

That something can only belong to something.

Nothing can ever be lost,

And yet human beings constantly dread,

they see neither beginning nor end.

It passes, meanwhile they do nothing.

The force falls wastrel on nothing,

meanwhile precious time passes,

and a human being turns to dust and ashes.

Dust and ashes cannot be put together,

what has passed you cannot bring back.

Everything happens once and never again.

And yet you always feel in everything

that your essence is not only dust and ashes!

How can one become nothing?

Even death you will experience you will see,

witness to this is birth and life,

how the something can become everything.

Szentendre, January 19, 2016



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