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ZiN Daily: Monthly Digest Mar. 2017

"If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about the answers."

—Thomas Pynchon

We've found that ZiN Daily authors ask the right questions in their contributions to the March 2017 issue. We hope you like them as well.

What is Pier 21?

What happens when citizens reject the installation of barbed wire across the Croatia-Slovenia border? What is it like for migrants to feel both the fear of departure and the anguish of arrival? Where can you find room for illusion, space for the gap, more space for thoughts, a place to hide from yourself and others, space for a comment, and a place to lie?

If a weed is a plant out of place, what, then, is an animal out of place?

Where can you go to find dolphins so big, you wonder if they could be whales? What do our voices sound like on Radio Pula? Can you hide the burn marks caused by my frost? Would you rather crush a catacomb of ants? But what if I jump on the table and stick some fingernails in some faces?

Is it important what language one dies in?

What percentage of the EU population speaks Lithuanian? What languages has Esperanto been used to protest? Did you notice that the air in our apartment has turned into water? But how as if fallen off the face of the Earth? But how when the city plastered with posters and even on the radio? Of a twenty-two centimeter fork, how many centimeters go in the mouth?

At which latitudinal parallel does blood on snow begin to look interesting? If memories are a movie and you're watching it in rooms, in trains, while traveling alone, and in hospital corridors, does the film end, whether you like it or not? Could you recognize a saltwater coast from a freshwater shore at first glance?

What writer was born on July 4, 1948?



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