ZiN Daily: Monthly Digest May 2017

May 31, 2017


Has your May been as busy as ours? Check out the news section of our monthly digest to find out what has been cooking @ ZiN (spoiler alert: mostly paper products!). And as far as authors from the Balkans are concerned the most important recent development is the first ever ZiN Awards for Poetry, Prose and Criticism. Although we'd very much like to include & reward poets, writers and critics from other languages, that would (at the moment) be far too ambitious. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to new writing in any and all languages and hope to connect and intertwine them in many new translations - not unlike those we featured throughout the month of May.      




Sredina: Daniel Radočaj


And We Still Eat Fruit: Donna Glee Williams


Story of a Picture: Anthony Labriola


Portugalski soneti: Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Biser koji peče: razgovor s Tamarom Bakran povodom nove zbirke pjesama


Il divano in piazza: Dorta Jagić





Mother Tree: Paul DesCombaz


Kako glasati - priručnik: Max Winchester


Seasonal Soliloquies: Matthew Laffrade



Visual Art:

Ne-događaj: Neva Lukić



AmaZiNg Books:

Tri kavaljera frajle Melanije



ZiN News:


ZiN nagrade: Često postavljana pitanja, vol.1


Vera nevera


ZiN nagrade za književnost


We've Been Burnin' Weed


Dan od papira


Clean Up Yer Act!

Pjesnikinja Neva Lukić posjetila štićenike doma za starije u Ližnjanu



GIF Poetry:















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