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ZiN Residency: Application Process for 2019 Closed

Dear applicants for ZVONA i NARI residency,

thank you for showing such great interest in visiting us here in Ližnjan. We are honored and happy that so many of you expressed a desire to stay at ZVONA i NARI. We want to inform you that we have now closed the application process for 2019.

Those of you who have applied will be informed of our decision as soon as we get receive (positive) feedback from our main sources of funding (which include local and regional government along with the Republic of Croatia's Ministry of Culture).

Nevertheless, you're very welcome to apply for the residency in the year of 2020. If you are interested in staying with us in 2020 please send us your application in the period between May 4th and May 31st of 2019. Fill out the online application form following this link - (bottom of the "Residency" page).

We're especially interested in the applications that will answer the following challenges:

- communication through languages - how will you address the fact that most of our literary audience speaks Croatian and knows only basic English?

- our writers-in-residence are often invited to local schools (usually, the age of children is between 11 and 15 years) - what kind of a workshop, project, talk etc. can you offer to students (most of the children have been learning English since they were 7-8 years old)

- ZVONA i NARI reminds you that we are a family of writers struggling to keep this project afloat, we are always interested in new ideas about possible collaboration among writers who come to us, as well as collaboration between the writers and our local/global community; in other words, we are looking for programs that will confirm the idea of writers as cultural activists contributing to the sustainability of our residency/literary laboratory/library.

Our future residents should actively seek new ways to address issues such as further building/strengthening local literary audience, (social) media coverage, innovative editorial contributions to our journal "ZiN Daily" and so on.

In 2020 we are particularly looking for translators/editors/publishers who are interested in translating contemporary Croatian literature. To those we are ready to offer all possible assistance and, if need be, serve as intermediaries with Croatian authors.

After we consider all applications, we will be able to decide to which candidates we can offer a stay in 2020 - we will notify you about our decision in February of 2021 after we match our funds with all residency requests. Write to us, we are very eager to find out about your work and your motivation to come to ZVONA i NARI. Thank you!


Natalija Grgorinić & Ognjen Rađen


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