In the Cave: Amirah Al Wassif

July 29, 2019



I am a freelance writer, poet, and novelist. Five of my books were written in Arabic and many of my English works have been published various cultural magazines in many international literary and cultural magazines around the globe such as: praxis Magazine , the gathering of tribes, credo Spoir, reach poetry, Otherwise Engaged literature and arts journal, cannon's mouth, Mediterranean poetry, The BeZine , spill words,Merak Magazine, poetry magazine, writers Resist, the Bosphorus Review Of Books, the Writer NewSletter, Call and Response Journal, Echoes Literary Magazine, Better Than Starbucks, Envision Arts, women of strength strong courage magazine, chorion review , the conclusion magazine, street light press.

I have 2 published books in English, collection poetry " for those who don't know chocolate" and a children book " the cocoa boy and other stories".

My English literary creative works have been translated into Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, and Kurdish.





Women Rights


don't try to introduce my skin to your skin
cause such introduction doesn't let the light to get in
don't try to prove me as your servant
while starting my talking about the equality between women and men!
don't try to teach me the art of life now and then
cause my life is my life
I am not your plastic woman

I am a free and clever idea
traveling from south to north
I am a free and clever idea
seeking boldly for the truth

don't try to name me by your names
unfortunately, I am not one of your games
I am the eternity tale of Eve
who spent her life, tries to think
tries to believe
and don't wrong me
this is my essential battle to be!
so, don't try to silence my voice
as a fake reason to get rid of the noise!
and don't wrong me
this is my essential battle to be!

I am a woman with high ambition
a poetic soul looking for full expression
so, don't try to introduce my skin to your skin
cause such introduction doesn't let the light to get in
don't try to prove me as your servant
while starting my talking about the equality between women and men!



we still live in the cave!


we live in the cave,
me, my people and some funny creatures appear on the TV screen
my family doesn't have any screens,
but our neighbors have one
they saw these creatures through it, 
they laugh every night,
they laugh every breaking news
when we hearing their laughter,
we laugh too as polite followers
who don't want to make their leaders disappointed

we live in the cave,
nursing our mother nature milk, perfectly like a greedy newborn
we have no idea 
If we love our cave or not?
we have no food, no water
but, our neighbors have.
we hear the movement of their mouth every day, every night
we absorb their voices while watering their body
and then, we feel like " we did it, we ate, we drunk, also we had our shower."

we live in the cave, watching the shadows of ourselves here and there
and if you ask me
"did you ever feel bored?"
I will automatically answer you
I have no idea
but, if my neighbors felt bored before
my answer would be "yes"
because as you know I and my people are their followers.

we live in the cave,
trying to figure out our way
throughout our neighbor's eye

they talk to us behind the ancient walls every year
every year, they come and stop close our cave
and order us to shut up our mouths 
cause that isn't fit the modern civilization age
we are so polite followers to our leaders
so, we did it, we shut up

we live in the cave,
with no clothes, we all here are naked as the day that we are born
but, that isn't matter
because our neighbors have clothes
they have many
and they promised us that they will donate to us
it is a grand prize for me and my people, isn't?

we live in the cave with no information
keeping our blinders on our eyes
trying our best to catch what the new from our neighbors station
and they still laugh every night, 
every breaking news
we also laugh too
and when they laugh louder,
we follow our leaders
and when they laugh louder,
we follow our neighbors
but finally, after while of laughing,
we started to cry!



To Be A Brilliant Woman in the third world!


to be a brilliant woman in the third world

you have to not be!

if you want the basic tips

kindly listen to me

put your mind in a box

be ready to say every moment “I agree”

announce your eternal silence

stop whirring like a curious bee

act like a bird in a cage

never dream of being free

don't consider obedience guilt

it is an honor getting down on your knees

and about your gifts

quite enough to know all the electrical appliances —

do you know about dishes and how to make tea?

nobody cares about gifts

it is not necessary, they are too wee

don’t try to laugh aloud

it is perfect to be a tree

and understand that argument is so dangerous

that the best a woman can do is flee!

to be a brilliant woman in the third world

you have to obey!

your family, your husband, your neighbor, your president

whoever he or she may be!

you have to stitch and cherish and nourish and never expect the chance to flourish!

you have to maintain silence

never crying whee!

when you succeed or if you finally see!

in the third world

all you have to be

is not be

nobody cares about your gifts

it’s enough to have a degree

in lessons of obedience

or cooking purée!



The street child


he packed bread for me
and I don't know if he was or she
cause the dusty face of street children
always prevent the eye to see!

he worked and worked so much
until his face turned into red
this kind of work is very harsh
when hunger makes your bread!

but he still a street child
so he doesn't have any right
only in selling his dream
and sleep in the corners every night


Dear Mr.Indifferent


Dear Mr.Indifferent, 
And my Warm Regards to you

I hope everything is going well
and if you have sad news to tell
please, tell!

cause as you know I have a thick skin 
and as you said if you are number one, I will be number ten!

so, Did you still upset?
when you read accidentally " feminist?"
did you still see that word equals "shit?"
and don't wrong me
I am a kind of women, the sky their limit

Dear Mr.Indifferent, 
How do you do?
do you still insist I am here for the show?
show of pretended protest
who murmurs with the word "No?"
Did I still annoy you?
make you unpleasant?
cause I began all my letters with "Dear Mr.Indifferent?"
and sorry for my sense of humor
you knew I am a feminist
but, all the right with you to prove it is a rumor
to reply as a scientist!
to tell us why some minds couldn't accept the truth
when it differs from heritage
if it because they hate the truth?
or because they hate thinking in different??



we are Aisha, Katherine, Elizabeth, and Rachel


we all washing the dishes
cleaning the floor
but, we still have big wishes
then, our whisper turns into a roar!
we all that girl who put her dream
as a dear flower in her book
we all the seekers who want to mean
we are the breakers of the same rock!

we all washing the dishes
stitching the clothes
but, we have big wishes
trying to find our "because"

We are Aisha, Katherine, Elizabeth, Rachel, and Lili 
We are those who described by you as dangerous creatures, as silly!
pick your weapon as a fighter
sign her upon all walls
say: I am a woman /I have to enter the massive identities wars

We all showering under the tears of our grandmothers
We are told by authorities
sisters, not equal brothers!

you have to wait at the back yard
until the men ending their game
you have to celebrate your loss
without protest/with no need to blame

We all cutting carrots with a smiley- dreamy face
We all heard scary rumors about the future of our race
but, we still hope of the grace
yes, we still hope of the grace




































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