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Frederick Pollack: A Long Sentence

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 13.2.2022.

The Perks

It was a long sentence, not

entirely fair, but I’ve stopped

insisting I was innocent.

Now I relate to much younger people,

young enough to value “experience,”

and see me as one, and surreptitiously

seek wisdom. They’re still there,

beneath the hard-wired disappointment

(no assets but youth, no prospect but loss),

and stop to talk. The girls

radiate … like a solar corona

above the mistrust and whatever dysphoria;

I don’t look at them. Speak

in parables. There was a dead Northern poet

or capitalist (the difference fades

on the Other Side). He had expected

a cold white church and cousins,

ex-wives in florid outfits,

colleagues feeling nothing much.

Then the earth, leached of metaphor,

or fire, which, to insensate flesh

represents all the crap that didn’t happen.

Instead it was someplace southerly:

dust, whitewashed walls, and professional

mourners following, howling, breast-beating, swaddled

in black, over the top. He thought

of climbing out of the carriage, grabbing one,

demanding “Who hired you?” but didn’t …

he found he liked them.

They drop a quarter in my cup.


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