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Ognjen Rađen: Catch! A Complex Visual Series

Ognjen Rađen, Atelier Zvona&Nari, Komoč koruna (

CATCH is a complex visual series performed in a number of techniques and media, based on twelve fish crates that serve as a portable frame, a surface, a sort of a canvas for a peculiar presentation of a metamorphosis of a human world into a fish world, and a fish world into a human world. At the same time these works by Ognjen Rađen were a project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Fine Art in Painting at the Arthouse - Šola za risanje in slikanje in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2022.

Regarding their origin Ognjen explains:

"In frequent walks along the stony coast of Ližnjan, especially after a few days of bura (a strong northeastern wind) we, Natalija, my wife, Ljubomir, our son, and myself, often encountered fish crates blown off the decks of fishing boats coming and going into the Puntice Port.

With their very shape these crates invite to organization, delineate a space into which anything can be stored. They have the power to introduce order into randomness, or even chaos. This is exactly what occurred to me on occasions when we picked them up and took them home with us. I could put something in them, they could help me organize many different things I own. The very idea that I was given a chance to put something scattered, even lost in order, to put it in the right place, filled me with irrational excitement..."


"In order to record our video exhibition, we loaded the crates into our car and drove to the sea... The breeze was just tickling our cheeks. The waves caressed the rocks. Salty air expands the lungs. The day was ideal for a venture like ours... All is well. The sea is in the lens of the camera. The sea is on the screen. We didn't steal it. It gifted itself to us. It lent itself. As the images on the screen unwind before our eyes, we realize how the moment is transformed into something new, different, all-encompassing."



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