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The Maenad: To Comprehend

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 08.07.2022.

Radical Neurology

This is not therapy

This is not expression

This is not poetry

This is combat

Full contact empathy

These words are sculpting brains

Molding emotions and

Flipping neural polarities.

What I need you to feel is

To understand what was

Written with shaking

Fingers and blazing brains

Not to read but to comprehend

To see not merely stand

About the Author: An independent DIY e-publisher, artist, and sex worker, the Maenad writes about gender, class, sex, inequality, mental illness, and the intersection of these points, sometimes also writing about culture, games, space, futurism, and the human condition. Thinking of other worlds and how best to help this one. Find her @dreaminggynoid and @scarlet_maenadum on IG.


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The image of Quasimodo is by French artist Louis Steinheil, which appeared in  the 1844 edition of Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris" published by Perrotin of Paris.


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