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Albert Russo: Here Lived...

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 18.11.2022.


Wide boulevards

daring, sleek architecture

Museum Island

old-style brick church

children playing in the park

a dog on a leash

’tis so gemütlich

a village in the city

posh residences

roadblocks, loud sirens

foreign president in town

Oktober Bier Fest

city tour bus

traffic clogged, night has fallen

suddenly the woods

the driver growls

“I go home and you get out!”

stranded in the wilds

in the maze of

the Holocaust Memorial

your blood screams

little bronze squares

embedded in the pavement

“here lived …died at Auschwitz.”

Brandenburger Tor

what stands at the upper center?

a blurred Swastika

How eerie was

the grayness of Ost Berlin

now a feast of lights

oversized city

once open, once bedevilled

free and bustling again

Tram, U-Bahn, S-Bahn

linking east, west, north and south

people of all colors

About the Author: A humanist with roots in Central, Southern Africa, and the Mediterranean, Albert Russo has been acclaimed by important authors, such as James Baldwin, Edmund White, Martin Tucker, Douglas Parmee of Oxford University, Joseph Kessel, Pierre Emmanuel, and Jean d’Ormesson, all three of the Académie Française, as well as by his African peers, Chinua Achebe and Maurice AMURI Mpala-Lutebele (University of Lubumbashi, DR Congo).

His seminal work, the AFRICAN QUATUOR, set in DR Congo, Rwanda and Burundi, has appeared in his own English and French versions, as well as in translations (Italian and Dutch), in over 20 editions worldwide. All in all, his work has been translated into about 15 languages. SPEAK TO ME, MOTHER BELOVED (2019) is dedicated to his adored mother and to POETRY, with about 140 poems and as many photos in both black and white and in color, that he took during his years on the four continents in which he has resided, and during his travels around the world. His novel co-written with Jeanette Skirvin is TEL AVIV’S ETHIOPIAN QUEEN, was published in 2021 by l’Aleph in Sweden. Also published in 2022, The Chambers of My Heart ~ Venice, Paris and New York ~ a novel by Albert Russo, with 50-odd photos His most recent French novels are MÉMOIRES D’UN FILS DE NAZIS and LE CAP DES ILLUSIONS. He is also known worldwide (in English, French and Italian) for his award-winning crossover series of philosophical humor GOSH ZAPINETTE ! read by the young at heart from age 13 to …113. There are so far 17 episodes, and it is ongoing. Websites:


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The image of Quasimodo is by French artist Louis Steinheil, which appeared in  the 1844 edition of Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris" published by Perrotin of Paris.


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