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Angela Kosta


I have written several lines and endless verses with my tears, and pain of love for her.

Where are you, my mother?

I wish to kiss your eyes with goodness once again!

I want to caress your warm hands just the way you used to do.

I want to feel the wrinkles of your untimely old age with my fingers,

I don’t want to see you in such a lethargic condition.

Your grey hair is the witness to eternal suffering;

You are irreplaceable to me,

You are my mother Sophie;

I will always love you endlessly,

Like a goddess,

You will live in my soul;

How can I believe that I will never see you again in this life?

You won't be here anymore;

Didn't you know that you would be in my breath?

How can you die till I am alive?

Your winsome smile reminds me of the glare of the stars.

The universe of nostalgia fascinates me as you have given light to my life and

raised me with patience of suffering.

So with great love for your good sake,

Speak up,

Just tell me at least one last word!

How would I live like this?

My mother,

Please read these verses silently.

Don't be silent!

Ah, I wish I could challenge time and the evil of death.

I will destroy the unfortunate fate and drive away the evils.

I'll snuggle in your lap again.

Just as I did, when I was a kid.

The lap, where I found tranquility and solace.

How happy I was then!

When your hands caressed my soul deeply

And my whole being blossomed.


Please don't go like this to stay beyond the sky.

About the Author: Angela Kosta was born in Elbasan (Albania). She is the author of various novels, books of poetry and fairy tales published in Italy and in her home country Albania. She has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, poet, writer, publicist and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper Albania Press. - Writes for the Calabria Live newspaper (Italy) - Collaborates with the International Magazine of the World of Art and Culture Saturno Magazine (Italy) - Translates articles by scholars for the Italian-Albanian Gazeta Le Radici - Rrënjët based in Rome (Italy) - Writes for Alessandria Today (Albania) - Writes for Gazeta Destinacioni (Albania) - Writes poems for the Literary Mediterranean magazine (Albania) - Writes for the newspaper Alb - Spirit (Albania) - She is an author at the magazine Scritte Poetiche Capoverso (Italy) - She is the author at the magazine Psikologia (Albania) - She is the author and translator of Italian poets for the monthly Cultural - Literary magazine Orfeu in Pristina (Kosovo) - She is an author at the magazine Obelisk (Albania) - She is an author at the Gazeta Nacional distributed in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia. - She writes in the Italian-Albanian newspaper Përqasje - Approccio - She is an author at the International Journal Atunis (Belgium). - She is an author at the newspaper Ciceroni (Albania) - She is an author at the newspaper Sprint News Albania. Books: Shpirti i burgosur - The Prisoner Soul (2003), Më fal - Forgive me (2004), The Magic Necklace novel (2007), Lacrima lucente poems (2008) in favor of the non-profit organization Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), The Eyes of the Mother thriller (2011), The Poor Millionaire novel (2017), Living collection of poems (2018), Beyond the ocean novel (2019), Sarah and the Rainbow fairy tale (2020). Two more books by the author are being published.


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