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Jaden Pierce: The World Dissolves

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 14.08.2022.




Lashing out with the spoken tongue

Crucifying the holy one

The innocent are convicted

The guilty roam free

And the bombs keep falling

While the kids stay partying

We need more dope



To forget


The booze goes down like molasses

The gas like a rollercoaster on the flat

And the vape is a buzz-less bee

Waiting to be fucked up

Ruin my life already God

I don’t need to go out any more

I’d rather stay in bed and have a time


Why do I not tell them the real story of my life

Why do I keep writing if the drafts are thrown away

Why do I keep writing if the tears ruin the few good ones I finish

Maybe one day I’ll make it out of the bunker from which I write

So people can see the scars I carry

Which I have hidden for years

Cowering away from public scrutiny

If only they knew the secrets I hide within


I close my eyes and plug my ears so the world dissolves before me

Senseless bloodshed stains the soil as children go to school

Shielded away from the pain around me so I endure

What it would be like to be a seed of a flower

So I could float away to start anew

Can me like sardines so at least I’m sheltered

From the tears and wails

About the Author: Jaden Pierce is an emerging poet and writer from the DC area. His poems ‘Comparison’, Rhythm’, & ‘Scare’ will appear in Dreich Magazine. He can be found on Twitter @jadenpierce01 and Instagram @jadenpierce_


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