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Milene Correia: Are You Reading?

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 13.08.2022.

Mimi's sonnet #46

There's a witch who lives up on my block

She's got my gaze on lock

And always asks to read my hand when I walk by

The other day I asked her why

She said

"There's something in your eye,

I'd like to know what it is

Is seems like a powerful spell,

one of utter bliss,

Like a soft letter

Or a very wanted kiss

It is something I don't really know how to name

And it is a shame

Because you seem so confused about it

Though you know it is gold

Perhaps it is that magic

I've never really met

and have

always been told

The sort of magic that makes you heart spin

and your head beat faster

and your feet sweat inside of your fresh pink socks

Perhaps it could be that thing

of having a heart that lives in your chest

but is no longer entirely yours?”

Mimi's sonnet #37

I walk out in the early morning


To feel the warm sun on my skin

It touches behind my ears

And upon my shoulders and my knees

And I wonder if your hands are warm like this

If your touch is soft

And delicate

Or if it is ice cold

When you hold

Your lovers

If it is sun warm

Or burning hot

Under the covers

Mimi's sonnet #39

I once saw a bee nearby

she looked me in the eye

and asked

if she could rest

at the corner of my neck

then the bee

in her yellow coat

asked me to write a note

and I quote

“The sun is very bright

the sky is very blue

I have a little advice

I’d like to share it with you”

she gave me a kiss

upon the cheekbone

then she put her head to my chin

and went on

“the flower is very beautiful

but the true treasure lays inside

remember my words, be careful

there’s more to love that what meets the eye”

Mimi's sonnet #44


I wish that I

Could read your mind

Know what it is that you're thinking about

I turn around

And upside down

In bed at night

Thinking out loud

Composing about you

I dream and dream

Then clean and clear

My thoughts

So that there is no trace

Just in case

You can hear me thinking

Tell me, love,

As I'm writing

Are you reading?

About the Author: Brazilian multidisciplinary Artist who's been working along with comics and illustrations, as well as Drama and Circus Arts. Graduated in English Language and Literature, specializing in Teaching of Drama. A dramatic queer Leo from the 90's.


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