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  • Margarita Serafimova

Drops of Honey: Margarita Serafimova

Drops of Honey are five miniatures by a Bulgarian writer, Margarita Serafimova. The poems show a dedicated poetic honesty in their lyrical sensuality. Or as the author herself says: "My poetry is impulsive, deriving directly from actual experience in the moment."

Margarita Serafimova was shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize 2017 and Summer Literary Seminars 2018 Poetry Contest, and long-listed for the Erbacce Press Poetry Prize 2018 and the Red Wheelbarrow 2018 Prize, as well as nominated for the Best of the Net. She has three collections in Bulgarian. Her work appears in Agenda Poetry, London Grip New Poetry, Trafika Europe, European Literature Network, The Journal, A-Minor, Waxwing, Orbis, Nixes Mate Review, StepAway, Ink, Sweat and Tears, HeadStuff, Minor Literatures, The Writing Disorder, The Birds We Piled Loosely, Orbis, Chronogram, Noble/ Gas Quarterly, Origins Journal, miller’s pond, Obra/ Artifact, Califragile, TAYO, Shot Glass Journal, Opiate, Poetic Diversity, Novelty Magazine, Pure Slush, Harbinger Asylum, Punch, Tuck, Ginosko, etc.


Drops of Honey - five poems

The last day was the first day.

I was full of light.

I was diving into planet Earth.

In the port city

A man spoke one of your words,

and inside me rang –

shone a drop of honey.

The great seas that raise the islands

to the plane of their dignity –

their highness is beyond the vertical.

When I am done with the night, it goes away,

and leaves it to me to make new physics

out of my unperishable energy.

We let our gazes stay in one another,

and our smiles we gaze at are kisses.

A life without doubt.


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