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Deron Eckert

Lies at the End of the Struggle

Enough of Sisyphus and Camus

and their ever-ascending ascent,

their no meaning and their pursuit,

their calm after discovering nothing

to pursue other than the prolonged

wait and the familiar weight believed

to carry the true meaning and expected

to be carried by us for no logical reason.

We need not imagine Sisyphus happy.

We need not accept blind optimism

hidden beneath the guise of pessimism

when asking why we must keep going.

The struggle itself fails to fill our trough.

We need not look to a defeated king

forced to endure the hard labors of hell

and mistake happiness for the brief relief

he feels at the end of every nightmare shift

except to remember he cheated death before

they forced him to see the stone as his burden to bear.

We may never be happy, but there must be a reason

they try so hard to convince us we’ll never be free.

About the Author: Deron Eckert is a writer and poet who lives in Lexington, Kentucky. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rattle, Strange Horizons, Door is a Jar, Ghost City Review, Maudlin House, The Fourth River, and elsewhere. He can be found on Instagram at deroneckert and Twitter @DeronEckert.



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The image of Quasimodo is by French artist Louis Steinheil, which appeared in  the 1844 edition of Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris" published by Perrotin of Paris.


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