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Volunteer @ ZiN

What does it take to become a volunteer at our library and literary retreat? 

ZVONA i NARI exist exclusively thanks to volunteer work. In the previous years more than a dozen volunteers helped us keep the library and retreat running with their hard work and enthusiasm.

There is opportunity to join us and help out all year round, so if you are seriously considering visiting Istria and engaging in activities that will enrich your experience and improve the social and cultural life of the local community here, you should contact us. The main task we need help with is the maintenance and improvement of the library and retreat's facilities. All work is organized well ahead of time and does not exceed 3 hours a day, 4 days a week. Prospective volunteers are not expected to possess any particular skill set - the only prerequisite is that they are willing to learn and that they are physically capable of performing moderately demanding manual labor.  

Volunteers stay at ZVONA i NARI basically under same conditions as do the guests of the literary retreat. At the moment we don't have the funds we'd like to have to cover our volunteers travel and living expenses - but hopefully this will change in the not so distant future.

For those who decide to join us, ZVONA i NARI will make available fully furnished bungalows or houses (2-3 persons per unit max.) at the location of the library. Upon their arrival, volunteers can expect to be picked up at the Pula International Airport (12 km from Ližnjan) or at the main bus station in Pula. At the retreat, volunteers will be able to prepare their own meals (each residential unit has a kitchen), will have the use of Wi-Fi internet connection (at the main library room), as well as the use of bicycles. Also, free transportation between Ližnjan and Pula will be organized at least once a week.

We encourage potential volunteers to learn more about our activities as well as the region of Istria. Hopefully this will give you an idea how to best contribute to our project and how to benefit from the time you spend in Ližnjan. ZVONA i NARI as an organization does not rely on hierarchical distribution of duties, so if you choose to join us you'll be working side-by-side with us, and your input and suggestions will be welcomed and appreciated. Our project is essentially a family endeavor, and we consider all our guests, patrons and volunteers to be a part of that family.   

In return for the volunteers help with the work at the library and retreat, we will organize programs and excursions to give them the opportunity to learn about Istria's natural and cultural heritage. We particularly encourage applications from those volunteers who share our interest in literature and languages since they will be able to benefit not only from our library's collection (a significant part of which is in English, German and Italian) but also from our experience as published writers, translators and cultural activists.

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