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ZiN Daily: Monthly Digest Feb. 2017

The shortest month of the year for us turned out to be the longest month of the year: launching ZiN Daily proved to be as much hard work as it was fun. Have we bitten off more than we can chew? Maybe? Possibly? The thought crosses our minds a couple of times a day and twice on Sundays, but we're determined to make ZiN Daily into a big bad wolf impersonating your grandmother. My, what big teeth we have!

So before we show you what we have eaten in the past month or so, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the contributors without whose support none of this would have been possible. We had the privilege of publishing the work of 31 authors (poets, writers, translators, visual artists) in Croatian, Italian, Hungarian, French and English and those are: Simo Mraović, Dinko Telećan, Zoltán Danyi, Angela Pataki, Stan Lafleur, Zoran Žmirić, Davor Šalat, Neva Lukić, Dennis Phillips, Lana Derkač, Gábor Lanczkor, Daniel Načinović, Charles Potts, Tin Ujević, Andrew Topel, Buckminster Fuller, Craig Santos Perez, Milko Valent, Vera Vujović, Stéphane Michel, Aloisius Bertrand, Ružica Gašperov, Mate Maras, Robert Browning, Dražen Katunarić, Marija Rakić Mimica, Julio Cortázar, Elvir Tominić and NGORwDAC. But why not add to the author's list also an entire city, the City of Seattle?

And, yes, we introduced to the world that wonderful new thing we like to call gif poetry!

So, read us, read each other and spread (daily) the good news about ZiN Daily!


Remembering Simo // poetry of the late & great Simo Mraović

Chinese Riddles // Dinko Telećan

Gas to Heaven // Davor Šalat

Shadows of Seeds // Neva Lukić

Water // Dennis Phillips

Birthday Sky // Lana Derkač

Erupt Again // Gábor Lanczkor

Lo Schiavone // Daniel Načinović

Family Trees: Craig Santos Perez

From Gaspard de la Nuit

Maras Translates Browning

Ever Longer I Stay in the Sea: Dražen Katunarić


From the Diary of a Gardener: Zoltán Danyi

Valent's Valentine

Rene: Ružica Gašperov

Maja: Marija Rakić Mimica

Pulska trilogija: razgovor s Elvirom Tominićem

Visual Art:

Stan Lafleur's Sea-Saw

Collage No. 5: Andrew Topel

AmaZiNg Books:

Are You a Literary Worker?

Find 10 things in this book that you should never attempt to do…

ZiN News:

Dražen Katunarić @ ZiN

GIF Poetry:


ZiN Daily, Day One

Translation Notes No. 1

#ZiNDaily #monthlydigest #February2017

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