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ZiN Daily: Monthly Digest October 2017


This month on the pages of ZiN Daily you had the opportunity to read the newest literature coming from Sudan, Hungary, Italy, USA, Serbia and Croatia. With you and for you we discover new voices shaping the geography of mutual curiosity, admiration and support. In ZiN News check out the seasonal activities in our garden but also our collaboration with our friends from Gradska Radionica Pula - The Town Workshop Pula.


Once a Year at Sunset: K. Eltinaé

Puž padobranac: Tamara Bakran (with visual art)

Snaga: Nada Vukašinović (ZiN nagrada)

Oranges and the Sun Cause the Same Tree Happiness


Na prljavoj strani ulice: Gordana Majdak

(ZiN nagrada)

Krajem ljeta: Marija Juračić (ZiN nagrada)

Stina: Ante Nenadić (ZiN nagrada)

The Meeting: Giovanni Agnoloni

A Girl's Best Friend: Matt Prater

Radosna vrba: Ivan Sokač (ZiN nagrada)

Over Wide Sea: Marissa Mazek

Audio / Visual Art:

Gozba čvoraka

Puž padobranac: Tamara Bakran (with poetry)

ZiN News:

Goya, Chopin, Gabor i Krisztina

Flauta i stih u Gradskoj Radionici

Ulike, zvona i nari

SFenaristička radionica? Baci oko!

Prilika za pisce iz regije: Reading Balkans 2018

Laboratorij na kraju sela: Irena Krčelić s ližnjanskim četvrtašima!

GIF Poetry:

An Old Poet at a Conference

Nobody's Business

My Left Eye

Catalunya Triomfant


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