Let us bake this sad sad bread: Anna Geary-Meyer

September 20, 2018


ZiN's writer-in-residence in September of 2018 is Anna Geary-Meyer, a prose and poetry writer whose yet unpublished poem "Play Dead Too Long And You Might Accidentally Wind Up Dead" we bring you right now and right here!


Anna Geary-Meyer is a German-American writer living in Berlin, Germany. She writes fiction and poetry and is at work on her first novel. She is the organizer and host of a monthly event called Queer Stories, where local LGBT artists share and perform original music, literature, and film. She was a finalist in the 2016 Reader Berlin short fiction competition as well as in the 2017 Bath Flash Fiction Award, and is published in the 2017 Bath Flash Fiction Anthology. Her poetry has been published in magazines such as CHEAP POPUnbroken Journal, and the Olentangy Review. She has given readings at events for The Reader Berlin, Buchhafen, and for a three-part art event called PUDERPINK. She also writes screenplays.



Play Dead Too Long And You Might
Accidentally Wind Up Dead

If you run liquid into a wound it will eventually
become a waterfall. A lip’s cracked
skin can be as safe as an army trench &
weeping willows have the most bittersweet
sap. Hurt is the finest yeast so let us bake
this sad sad bread. The pond is green & still
with bugs. When things don’t move they get
weird. The mosquitos are buzzing in the air
& they’re coming for the ones with blood.



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