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Eisenstange: Alex Dreppec

Alex Dreppec (pen name) - born 1968 close to Frankfurt as "Alexander Deppert", studied psychology and linguistics and went to Boulder/Colorado, USA for his Ph.D. (finished 2001). German author with hundreds of publications (both poetry and science) in German journals and anthologies, among them: "Der große Conrady" 2008. and "Wilhelm Busch" Prize 2004.

He writes in German and English. Numerous English poems were accepted by "Cincinnati Review", "Notre Dame Review", “Parody on Impression”, “English Journal", "National Council of Teachers of English” (USA), "Orbis", “The Interpreter's House”, “The Journal” (UK) and others.

"I like to think of myself taking a look at the world through a broken yet colorful kaleidoscope while I write poetry" says Alex.



Wo Feindseligkeit die Blicke trübt,

wo der Schädelknochen Gefängnis wird,

Wo Pupillen wie Raster das Licht zerschneiden

Und der Horizont bis zum Gitter reicht

Rotieren die Daumen in kleinen Kreisen

Im vorgeschnittenen, rostfreien Alltag,

dort Sortiert und vergisst man jegliches Außen,

man dreht dort unten nach oben und wäscht es nie

Ist mal etwas anders und passt nicht ins Raster

Dann kommt es zum Ausbruch, doch bricht nicht das Gitter

Es löst sich daraus nur die Eisenstange

Mit der man zerschmettert, was anders ist

unter anderem in Alex Dreppec: Glasaugenstern, chiliverlag, 2015


Where hostile emotions blur the sight,

the skull bones will form narrow prisons,

where pupils just cut all the light like a grid

the horizon extends to the lattice,

the thumbs just rotate in small circles there

in a pre-cut and stainless steel everyday,

any outdoor is sorted, discarded soon,

they turn bottom to top and it’s never washed.

If something is different, won’t fit the grid,

the breakout comes, but still the grid won’t break

just one iron bar keenly dissolves from it

and they use it to shatter what's different.


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