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Jim Meirose: Meant To Last Forever

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 05.02.2023.

This is a Kleptybontra Mass Media Promotions Communique

Presto. Atomic Bomb. This is a Kleptybontra Mass Media Promotions communique. After he saw when it’s there, as it’s always when it’s there, ‘cause it’s always an atomic bomb didn’t need to be dropped every day, back that black-tan of a wa’ back, ‘bout fifty or less-more; it only had to be dropped one time, and. Coca-Cola ‘dentally it had to be dropped when the world ‘ad come ‘round where the enemy-of-the-day, which varies more or less widely ‘pending which ‘hannel’s on loud—atomic bomb, presto; this is the center of the Kleptybontra Mass Media Promotions communique you are reading otserp bbmob cimota—lies directly under the drop of the bomblet yes adjusted ‘ite slightly for leading the target like a duck hunt when hey, ehhh—you don’t want a novice-boy doin’ the aiming—as you will end up after trucetime in the Nunnbergian law-dock for Willy—substituti’g. Many mirroring fungous contagious organizations th’ sprang up got extinguished: like: Rising-hot Mainland Media Entrepreneur Bello Powers’ great cosmic monolithic structures meant to last forever erectitational on request, plant. This has been a Kleptybontra Mass Media Promotions communique. Atomic Bomb. Presto.

About the Author: Jim Meirose's short work has appeared in leading journals, and his novels include "Sunday Dinner with Father Dwyer" (Optional Books),"Understanding Franklin Thompson" (JEF), "Le Overgivers au Club de la Résurrection" (Mannequin Haus), and "No and Maybe - Maybe and No" (Pski's Porch). Info: @jwmeirose



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The image of Quasimodo is by French artist Louis Steinheil, which appeared in  the 1844 edition of Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris" published by Perrotin of Paris.


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