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  • Kenneth Pobo

Kenneth Pobo: Every Me

Image: Unsplash, downloaded (16.5.2021.)


In high school we had been told

that boys do not touch each other.

We touched each other often

and were still boys. I fell

in love with you easily. Then again,

I fell in love easily, with anything

from bellbottoms to licorice. You said

we could touch each other anywhere

all we want—so long as we don’t fall

in love. I found it strange

how you could shut love up

in a garage and leave the car running.

We went to distant colleges,

rarely wrote.

You married someone. Are you

or were you in love? I married someone,

love our private plane. We get

some turbulence yet never crash.


I wear “me” like a fashion.

With no solid self, everything

is liquid and lighting.

Many selves pile up

and start to stink.

The trash men don’t come

until Tuesday. I have to live

with them a while longer.

My selves are ice cubes popping

out of the tray.

Some melt quickly.

Others cool my afternoon tea.

About the Author: Kenneth Pobo is the author of twenty-one chapbooks and nine full-length collections. Recent books include Bend of Quiet (Blue Light Press), Loplop in a Red City (Circling Rivers), and Uneven Steven (Assure Press). Opening is forthcoming from Rectos Y Versos Editions. Lavender Fire, Lavender Rose is forthcoming from Brick/House Books.


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