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Bekah Steimel: Home Field Advantage

Image: Unsplash, downloaded ( 11.02.2023.

Away Game

I carried my wife,

a curly-haired carrot, tethered to a stick


where I shouldered a promise

and focused

on what would shatter

if I broke it


on what was worth shattering for

while Death

tried to break me

and I was shattered

and I did hold tight to the promise

and I did return

Returned with a heart still pumping in celebration

of a victory claimed

when Death had the home field advantage

About the Author: Bekah Steimel is an internationally published poetic person who was “mostly dead, slightly alive” on VV ECMO life support in 2019 from double lung failure (get your flu shot! And COVID vaccine as well!). An artist reporting back from the other side. Developing Chance Books LLC.



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The image of Quasimodo is by French artist Louis Steinheil, which appeared in  the 1844 edition of Victor Hugo's "Notre-Dame de Paris" published by Perrotin of Paris.


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