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Claudia Wysocky

Letter to a Dear Friend

"Hello best friend!"

Scribbled on the first line,

your name,

carried in my heart,

and written on every page.

"Miss you best friend!"

Glimpsed in a moment,

your smile,

so bright, so warm,

reflected in my eyes,

transforming every day.

"Hope all is well best friend!"

Dashed across a busy night,

your voice,

calling to me from far away,

a burst of laughter,

laughing with you once again.

"Good to see you again best friend!"

Spoken in your voice,

my breath caught in my throat.

For a moment,

I forget all that's wrong,

staring at you,

the paper crumpled in my hand,

the watermelon stains on the paper,

memories of you,

smiling at me,

our kindred spirits,

glowing in the light.

Please love me back.

This is what I write to you,

painfully honest in its truth,

words scrawled in tear-stained ink,

echoes of my voice,

of broken hearts,

of all the love I have,

always yours,

my best friend.

About the Author: Claudia Wysocky, a Polish writer and poet based in New York, is known for her diverse literary creations, including fiction and poetry. Her poems, such as "Stargazing Love" and "Heaven and Hell," reflect her ability to capture the beauty of life through rich descriptions. Besides poetry, she authored "All Up in Smoke," published by "Anxiety Press." With over five years of writing experience, Claudia's work has been featured in local newspapers, magazines, and even literary journals like WordCityLit and Lothlorien Poetry Journal. Her writing is powered by her belief in art's potential to inspire positive change. Claudia also shares her personal journey and love for writing on her own blog, and she expresses her literary talent as an immigrant raised in post-communism Poland.


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